Frequently asked questions

What is Patients&Friends?

Patients&Friends is a social initiative to help patient organizations build meaningful connections among their members. An important reason for patients to join a patient organization is the "sense of community" which most of them describe as "understanding and being understood" To this aim, many patient organizations run yearly patient-friendship programs. Unfortunately, these are time-consuming and tedious to organize. Patients&Friends is a program addressed to patient organizations, a program built around a personalized pairing technology. As every disease or condition is unique, we guide patient organizations in deciding which information is most relevant to build connections among their patient members and provide them with ready-made materials and an intelligent algorithm that finds the most suitable pairs among their members in seconds. In a nutshell, Patients&Friends makes running patient-friendships programs easy.

Why is now the perfect time to start?

A vital part of the work of patient organizations do is to organize ​events in which their members get together and educate themselves about their disease or condition while building life-long friendships. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a digital shift so that the in-person meet and mingle at the events has been lost. Running a Patients&Friends program helps patient organizations get back their "sense of community".

Who can participate in Patients&Friends?

Patients&Friends is a social initiative addressed to patient organizations, patient groups, patient associations, patient advocacy groups, patient communities, etc. If you are an individual patient or caregiver who would like to participate, tell your oganization about Patients&Friends so that they get in touch with us.

What about Privacy & Data Protection?

Being ourselves patients, our team understands better than anyone that privacy is a fundamental patient right. For this reason, we provide patient organizations with a GDPR-compliant privacy policy template to run a Patients&Friends program.

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